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Visit to Modern Art Foundry

A photo found in the Modern Art Foundry archives, showing Luise at work on a monumental sculpture -- the Ark for the Temple B'rith Kodesh.

An effort to preserve some of Luise Kaish's original molds led Melissa and Morton Kaish to Modern Art Foundry and owner Jeffrey Spring–whose father and grandfather had collaborated closely with Luise over three generations.


"When we arrived at the foundry, Jeffrey greeted us with a thick file of correspondence between Luise and his father, Bob Spring. My mother’s work came to life in a new way as we sifted through the notes, sketches, and technical details carefully recorded over three decades.

Examining the molds and cast waxes with Jeffrey and his sister, Mary Jo, we discovered it would be possible to recast a select few pieces–full editions of which had never been completed.

The first piece we are collaborating on is a signed wax titled "Masada," which my mother had saved for my daughter Katie."

- Melissa Kaish

Another photo of Luise's work on the Ark from the Modern Art Foundry archives.

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