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Luise Kaish Archives Project - Phase One

Luise's intellectual curiosity infused and informed her creative work, and she left behind an impressive collection of papers and writings -- probably 20 linear feet.

In the first phase of our archival work, we sorted, assessed and categorized her papers and began to document and preserve them. Over the course of three months, we worked with photographs of sculptures, paintings, collages, and works on paper as well as a variety of historical records from the 1950s forward. We also began moving data pertaining to these records into Embark, a collections management database that's used by the Smithsonian.

John Cash -- pictured below, working with Sarah McCollum -- aided in our efforts. John came to us as an intern from the Master's program in Art History and Museum Studies at City College of New York, and served as the Kaish Family Art Project's first intern.

Much still remains to be done to fully process Luise's papers, and we are carefully planning the next phase of this archival project.

To advance the project's next phase, we will be accepting future internship applications for interested and qualified art history graduate students.

Please e-mail to learn more.

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