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Oral History Project Launched

As one of the seminal women artists working in sculpture on a monumental scale as early as the 1950's, Luise Kaish lived an exceptional life.

Over the course of a year, Morton Kaish and Melissa Kaish partnered with historian Liza Zapol to recount turning points in Luise's life, artistic accomplishments and creative vision. The result of this project is a full account of Luise as an artist and person.

We are creating varied access points to Luise's oral history, which will be available in the coming months. Updates to come soon!

LISTEN HERE: Enjoy a brief excerpt sharing Luise's experiences and inspiration from Buckminster Fuller at the American Academy in Rome.

FINAL DAY OF RECORDING: Morton Kaish with Melissa Kaish, Liza Zapol and Sarah McCollum

Morton Kaish, Melissa Kaish, Liza Zapol and Sarah McCollum

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