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Morton Kaish in Whitehot Magazine

An American flag waving gently over a flowering east coast dune at sunrise
Morton Kaish, Flowering Dune, Old Glory, 2023, Archival Pigment Print on Arches Aquarelle Paper, 14.5 x 13 inches

The prominence and influence of online art exhibitions have reached new heights, as exemplified by Manolis Projects Gallery in Miami, a prominent fine arts establishment in southern Florida. Featured in Whitehot Magazine, their virtual exhibition, "247-HBA: Revolutionary Reflections," held in celebration of America's 247th Birthday, showcases an impressive collection of interpretations of the American flag by twenty-five artists. Among these talented individuals are three guest artists, Hunt Slonem, Bernie Taupin, and Morton Kaish, who join forces with twenty-two artists from the Miami School Art Movement (MSAM) to create this extraordinary and captivating display.

"Magnificent works. Tour de force aesthetically, emotionally. Elated, joie de vivre, libidinous, life force. Relief from all the miserabilism (Breton's word) around in art and society. Congratulations on the achievement, on the attitude, Weltanschauung. Rare." - Donald Kuspit


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